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Western Massage
Therapeutic Massage - (80 Euro - 1 Hour)

Improves circulation and restores movement in damaged muscle fibres. Relieves and reduces pain and increases sensory awareness. Promotes relaxation and wellbeing, while restoring and maintaining health.

Lymphatic and circulatory massage - 80 Euro - 1 Hour

An intense but gentle massage, very effective for tired, swollen and heavy legs. Improves micro blood circulation and lymphatic circulation, helping to eliminate toxins. Through gentle movements, this massage helps to alleviate stress.

Foot Reflexology - 80 Euro - 1 Hour

The soles of the feet are one of the most important areas of reflex zones in the body. Reflexology is a technique that stimulates and relaxes specific organs and body systems through working on reflex zones in the feet. This treatment stimulates the body’s ... Read more.

Craniosacral Massage - 80 Euro - 1 Hour

The therapist listens with a subtle touch of his/her hands and a present and aware attitude to movements, forms and flow within the body. Craniosacral Therapy restores and balances our life energy, inner rhythms and nervous system.

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